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By on January 19, 2017

Improving your travel photography skills is only going to enhance your memories even more.  Memories are what we create when we take a trip, no matter how long or far you travel.

So here’s just a few ideas to work on in readiness for YOUR next adventure.

I’m just going to assume here that you are using a good quality camera and not an iPhone or iPad, I don’t consider them a camera.  In saying that there is a time and place where a Smart Phone will suffice but if your aim is to improve your photography skills, the phone is a limited tool.


Siena Italy Tuscany

Stand still and take in your surroundings.  Don’t rush to take the shot.  Take a deep breath and absorb the scenery, remember that’s what you are there for. Observe the details (or lack there of) and construct the image you’d like to achieve in your head first.  It might take you a few shots to get it just right.  Thank goodness for digital!


Camera Workshops Midlife Nomads

Know your equipment inside out.  The only way you are going to achieve this is by practising daily.  You need to know what your camera is capable of to take the best possible image.

Of course there are ways around the limitations too.  For example when we were at Horseshoe Bend  near Page in Arizona I was using my 24-105mm lens and couldn’t quite get the whole scene in my shot.  My solution was to take several shots across the scene and stitch the photos together into one image using Photoshop.


“The best way to get more talents is to improve the talents we have.”

Edward Bickersteth


Horseshoe Bend Arizona

Get down low (or up high), this will give you a different perspective and can eliminate some distracting features of a scene.  You can see that I had to lie down at Horseshoe Bend to shoot through the scene rather than down on it.


Photography tips rule of thirds

Use the rule of thirds – If your camera has a grid option then use it.  Place the point of interest on the spot where the horizontal and vertical thirds meet.


On1 Photo editing software

Take the time to edit your photos.  In a world where we are in a hurry to share our travels, DON’T.  Wait!  Download your photos when you are able to and improve them even more with some editing, it could be the difference between sharing a well composed, exposed and overall great image as opposed to a pretty average photo.

Camera Workshops Midlife Nomads

So there you have it, just a few pointers when it comes to improving your travel photography.

Do you own a fancy schmancy camera?  Still shooting on Auto and hoping for the best?  Well my new revised Camera Workshop will be available online VERY SOON!

This self paced, fully supported course will help you make the most of your expensive camera and get you shooting like a seasoned pro.

I’m taking expressions of interest, so leave me a comment below with your email address OR if you’d prefer, email me direct and I will add you to the list to notify when the course goes live.



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