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Reclusive Tribes Of The Copper Canyon

By on October 20, 2016
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Tarahumara Indian Woman in the Copper Canyon, Creel , Mexico

The Tarahumara Indian people of the Copper Canyon region and in particular Creel and surrounding towns live within caves, cliffs and sometimes simple wood and stone huts. They are extremely shy and yet proud individuals who are expert farmers and renowned for their long distance running abilities. Their trademark bright clothing is locally made and they are expert weavers making thick woolen rugs to keep them warm during the freezing winter months.

Always ask to take their photo, but don’t expect eye contact or a smile. Visiting some of the small communities is truly a humbling experience and one that has makes you appreciate your own “wealth” and wellbeing.

The hardship and lifestyle that these people face is harsh and extreme. We travelled to and from the Copper Canyon via the El Chepe train service in both Ecomonica and First class and if you want to chat to fellow Mexican travelers then I would suggest Economic, so much more fun.

Truly an awesome few days of scenery overload with the Canyon itself, bigger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.



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