Our Top 11 Travel Apps

By on December 22, 2016

With technology these days we rely heavily on phone apps day in and day out. They let us know about the weather, help us keep up with what our friends are doing, deliver the latest news and current affairs, allow us to stream the music we like, monitor our fitness and stay in touch with our loved ones.

It’s no different when we travel.

Our top 11 travel apps

With the millions of apps now available we have had a hard time to whittling it down to just our top 11 travel apps. We chose to focus on not only the ones we rely on but those we use every day.

Why 11?  Why not?

Skyscanner cheap flights app

Skyscanner is a website and free app, it allows you to check available flights with just about any airline from point A to B and include connections on to C if needed.  You can filter for direct flights if you want to pay a little more or make one or two stops if you want to save a buck or two and have the time.  Maybe you are like most and are after the best deal available at that time.

Skyscanner will not take your money nor will it cost you anymore to use. They make their money from the referral on to the supplier, which more often than not isn’t the airline but an intermediary booking company. You can make the payment online and receive your tickets electronically. It is a streamline service that can save you a lot of time and money and one we have used many times without any problems.

Snapseed editing app

Snapseed is one of the most popular image editing apps available for iPhone (now owned by google). It’s easy to use and has been around for a while now.  Snapseed keeps on improving the editing capabilities of the app from basic adjustments to adding text all in one app. Steve’s favourite editing app!

Great tutorials here. It is available for Android and Windows but you need to install Bluestacks first to get it to run which is a little crazy being owned by Google. Fingers crossed they are working on a fully compatible to be released soon.


Trover helps you find inspiration for your next journey, find exciting places nearby to visit it also let’s you compile your own “list” of photos.

As an example let’s say you are currently staying in Rotterdam in The Netherlands, so you click on the Nearby tab and you will see all the contributions made nearby, you can then scroll down and the search area expands.  We always put a location on our own images along with some general information and our own experiences.

This app became a valuable inclusion when searching for interesting places to visit during our travels.


Like it or hate it Uber provides an alternative to “The Taxi”.  Our experience with taxi drivers has rarely been good, once they realise you are a tourist and let’s face it that’s not hard to do, they usually try and take advantage of you.  Whether it’s charge you more or take you the long way we always felt like we were getting ripped off.

With Uber, the drivers usually don’t know the destination until you get in the vehicle which is designed to stop them cherry picking only the best fares. They are also required to use the GPS for directions unless you choose an alternative route.  An estimate is given up front and in our experience we are yet to be charged that amount, it’s usually less.  Your credit card is part of the sign up and is charged after the ride, meaning no cash is required.  Their vehicles and drivers are maintained to a standard and in our experiences far superior to the local taxi service.

Use this code when you sign up and get a A$20 off your first ride with this invite code: stevem3843ue


AirBNB – Homes, experiences, and places — all in one website / app.

We have not had a problem yet with any of the accommodation we have booked through AirBNB.  In saying this, we do have some strict guidelines when it comes to searching for the right place to stay.

These are our guidelines:
1. Make sure there are plenty of images available of ALL the rooms.
2. No reviews, or No photos equals No way sorry.
3. Read the reviews and read them again, that’s what they are there for. Just because one person had a bad experience with one cockroach doesn’t mean the place is crawling with them. However if you see a pattern in the reviews then maybe its not worth the bug spray.
4. Read the extra information provided by the host, it will let you know pretty quickly if you will be a guest or just a client.
5. Make sure you select as many of the filters as possible to get what you are after.
6. Check the service and any other fees and what they include.
7. Leave a review after your stay.

Above all else, respect the property and treat it as if it’s your own.

Use this link and receive AUD$45.00 off your next booking.

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction.”


The only reading app to have in our opinion is the Kindle app.  We use ours on our ipads not only to read Travel Guides but also our current novels when we have time to kill waiting for a plane, train or automobile.  We download our purchases from Amazon Kindle shop when we have WiFi and usually stock up when they have sales, which is pretty regularly. Say goodbye once and for all to those bulky heavy books.

You can buy the buy your own Kindle Paperwhite E-reader through our website via this link or enter our Share the Love Competition and go into the running to win a Amazon Gift card to the value of AUD $250.. good luck!


Put simply, Dropbox is a storage facility in the cloud.  How do we use it?  We backup our photos and important documents we want access to whenever we have a WiFi connection when travelling.  We can then access these whenever and wherever we need them using our phones, tablets or laptops as they automatically sync across all three.

Different plans are available depending on your needs and volume of storage required.

We will be writing a detailed post in time about our photo workflow which will include backing up using Dropbox.


Evernote is basically a notebook, but can do so much more.  We use it to store any amount of information that we might need when we are traveling.  I store all ticket information, accommodation confirmations etc within this organisational tool.

If you pay for the Evernote Plus at US$49.94/year you can access your notebooks offline, always a handy thing when you can’t get airport WiFi and you are trying to check in with a boarding pass you have stored within Evernote.

Write any document you want, create checklists, use templates, include images, hand written notes, and share with others.  It also has a great search facility too.


XE currency exchange is still one of the best apps around when it comes to converting your $’s or Yen or Euro’s, you get the idea.  It works offline also, provided it’s been synced recently.

google translate

Google Translate is a free service which instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between the two chosen languages with over 100 different languages to choose from.

We find this almost 90% accurate, however there are still a couple of languages that it struggles with, like Vietnamese.  We got some interesting translations and it’s no wonder when one word in the Vietnamese language might have 2 if not three meanings, depending on how you said it, who is saying it and in what context.

google maps

Google Maps – Need to go somewhere on foot, by car, by train, by bike then this is the app I think the majority of us use regardless of what country we are in.

So there you have it, our 11 most used travel apps.  If there are apps you can’t live without when you are exploring the world and they are not on our list. Please share them with us in the comments we’d love to check them out.

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    January 2, 2017

    Rome2Rio my favourite travel app. It gives all travel options from A to B so you can compare times & prices whether it’s by air/bus/train etc and directs you to the appropriate booking site. It lets you play around with all sorts of routes, some of which you may not have considered!

    • Reply

      Steve Manning

      January 4, 2017

      Hi Lea, A lot of people have recommended Rome2Rio we will have to give it a go

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    January 18, 2017

    Great list of resources. I use most of these on a daily basis. I’m yet to try Trover but use Pinterest for my travel inspiration.


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