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Salisbury Cathedral England


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England Salisbury Snapshots

Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury, England

By on December 15, 2016

Salisbury Cathedral is an outstanding example of early English Architecture. Construction started in 1220 and has the largest spire in England, octagonal in shape and weighing 6500 tonnes.
Only four copies of Magna Carta dating from 1215 still exist today and…

London Tower Bridge


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England United Kingdom

Our Lovely Jubbly London Favourites

By on October 27, 2016

We spent 2 months in London exploring, catching up with family and friends, living like normal people in one spot and playing “house” which we hadn’t done for being on the road for over 7 months.
Our daughter had been living there, so we played tourist and visited all the…

Raven at the Tower of London


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England United Kingdom

My Kingdom For Six Ravens?

By on October 25, 2016

Tradition states that if the Ravens ever leave the Tower of London the kingdom and the tower will fall.
The tradition was born from a tale in the mythical Celtic Mabinogion texts of a Welsh giant Bran the Blessed. Bran went to battle against…

Ladder of Angels Bath Abbey, United Kingdom


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England Snapshots United Kingdom

Dreaming of Angels

By on October 20, 2016

As the story goes, the Bishop of Bath, Oliver King, had a dream of angels ascending and descending from heaven and as you enter the western end of the Abbey these can be seen on the exterior and are known as “the ladders of…

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