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Bicycle Cuban Style

By on October 17, 2016
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Bicycle Cuban style

I spied this bicycle leaning against the wall opposite the Casa in which we were staying whilst in Trinidad, Cuba. At the time I liked the contrast of the geometric mechanical components against the texture of the decaying wall beyond. Downloading the photo later that day and after having a detailed look, it was only then I realised what an amazing mechanical creation that some Cuban genius has crafted.

I doubt that more than two parts on it where from the same piece of original equipment or indeed the same decade. I like to think of it as a working art installation paying homage to the sheer ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Cuban people.

In a post-apocalyptic world were society as we know has completely failed and those few remaining starved humans are huddled pitifully around a drum with a fire in it trying keep warm. I see a Cuban zipping past them on this bike, a big wave and shout “Hola” with a grin wondering to himself what their problem is.



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