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When we decided to become Nomads and packed up our belongings into a 20 foot sea container and left our home town without a plan, our family and friends thought we were a little crazy.

Maybe they were right, maybe not?

Yes, we were brave (or stupid) and as time goes by we realise that it took a lot of courage to take those first steps. Without the outrageously overpriced food bills, electricity, water or insurance bills every month that go hand in hand with owning a house, we have discovered you can live cheaply as Nomads. This has freed us to make the choice about where we want to live and how long we want to stay there.

Put simply, our choices are now ours.

We are no longer driven to earn ‘X’ amount of dollars each month to meet the bills and expenses of living a certain lifestyle. More often than not these are dictated by society and the way it expects us to act. Having a wide range of skills allows us to earn what we need to survive and the best thing is we are not tied that 9 to 5 office desk job.

Now we are exposed to different cultures, food and lifestyles and this helps us decide the way we want to live our life and what is important and what is not. No, we are not old hippy backpackers hitchiking from one town to another, we are a little old to do that and we like a comfortable bed a bit too much. At the same time we are not living the five star life every night with all the extras.

Which got us to thinking.

What if we share our travels and experiences and work to form an online community? It might just inspire you to join us and do the same!


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do”
Mark Twain
Feliz Navidad from Midlife Nomads
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