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At this point in our life being a little older and hopefully also wiser, we enjoy travelling at a different pace and definitely on our terms. Package tours with running commentaries, set itineraries and schedules are certainly not for us!

If you are in good health then we feel that being older should not limit your travel experiences. However, this being said it’s unlikely you will find us throwing ourselves out of airplanes or hiking for days over mountains through dense jungle while sleeping in tents and eating meagre rations.

We prefer a slower, more comfortable style of travel.

Whilst we enjoy sharing our travels through our photos and our writing, we hope Midlife Nomads will grow into an informative Online Travel Community. We welcome you to become a part of the Midlife Nomads Community and share your travel experiences with us and others.

Live Long and Travel – Sharon and Steve

Siena, Italy

About us

Steve Sharon Manning Midlife Nomads

We are an Aussie couple on a midlife walkabout, exploring the world at our own pace. Over the years we have become unashamed addicts, in search of that next travel fix. We invite you to share our adventures and look forward to hearing about yours.

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